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UK Houses of Parliament.

18 April 2024 Investment market update: March 2024

While inflation continues to be a challenge for many economies, there are positive signs in the UK and around the world. Read on to find out what may have affected stock markets and your investment portfolio in March 2024. Remember, volatility is part of investing and...

Woman enjoying a glass of wine

18 April 2024 5 ancient wellness tips that could improve your life

In recent years, the focus on personal wellness has been a growing trend. Indeed, data reported by Statista reveals that the forecasted size of the wellness market could reach as much as $8.47 trillion by 2027. While it may seem as though embracing mindfulness and striving...

A mature couple talking while eating breakfast.

18 April 2024 Everything you need to know about lifetime mortgages

A lifetime mortgage could provide a useful way to unlock property wealth. The money you access could be used to fund your later years or help you overcome financial challenges. Yet, there are important drawbacks you might need to consider first. A lifetime mortgage is a...

Workers in a data centre.

21 March 2024 Investment market update: February 2024

While many economies are still struggling with high inflation there are signs that the pace is starting to slow, which could pave the way for interest rate cuts later this year. To reflect this, the OECD has lifted its 2024 global growth forecast by 0.3%, when...