Lifetime Group’s approach to
Covid–19 and keeping everyone safe

Lifetime and its’ management team are committed to ensuring that their staff and their clients remain safe during the difficult times we are currently experiencing.

We have adopted a number of measures to ensure people are safe and to support the messages conveyed nationally in an effort to restrict the spread of this dangerous virus.

What have we done?

1. Firstly, we have produced a simple one page guide on how to stay safe. This has been issued to all members of staff.

2. We have substantially reduced the number of people in the office at any time.

3. We have a strict rota in order to control the number of people accessing the office and if anyone wishes to visit the office on a day not allocated to them, then they must seek the permission of the Operations Director. The rota/register is also checked on a daily basis in order to ensure nobody is flouting the rules.

4. We promote the message that people should work from home if they can do so effectively and so the vast majority of our staff predominantly work from home.

5. We have installed screens in order to protect people whilst sat at their desks.

6. We have PPE available for all staff to use: masks, gloves, sanitised gel and wipes.

7. We have installed sanitised gel dispensers in key parts of the building.

8. All staff are instructed to sanitise their hands on entering the building.

9. The offices are professionally cleaned on a daily basis and all staff are encouraged to sanitise their desks and phones regularly during the day.

10. The sharing of desks, phones and hot desking is not permitted.

11. A member of staff sanitises door handles and bannisters every two hours, throughout the working day.

12. All members of staff are required to complete a register on entering and leaving the premises.

13. There are a variety of posters around the office to promote good practices. This includes social distancing at all times, only one individual in the kitchen and toilets at a time, no passing on the stairs, wipe the printer/photocopier down after use etc.

14. The main entrance door (external facing) has a sign reminding staff not to access the building if they are displaying any Covid symptoms.

15. All staff are directed to contact their line manager if they, a member of their family, or anyone else they have been in contact with have tested positive for Covid. In such circumstances they are told not to attend the office. If such a situation arises then all other members of staff who have been in contact with that individual will be contacted and if appropriate, they will be advised not to attend the office.

16. Staff returning from holiday are instructed to isolate for 10 days if they are returning from a country where this is a Government requirement.

17. Advisers are expected to conduct client meetings remotely but in the extremely rare event where a face to face meeting is required, then there is a strict protocol which must be followed. This includes, prior to the meeting, ensuring that the client or people he/she has been in contact with have not tested positive for Covid or are displaying any of the symptoms of Covid. When they attend the office, we ensure social distancing is strictly adhered to, no hand shaking, gloves and masks should be worn. After the client leaves our offices, the desk, chairs and door handles will be cleaned with sanitised wipes.

18. We have purchased cardboard cups in an effort to reduce the danger of spreading any infections.

19. We have adopted a meeting room, so that advisers can carry out remote meetings with clients in a professional manner.

20. We have the QR posters at the entrance points to assist track and trace.

21. A weekly risk assessment is conducted to ensure procedures are being followed and that there are ample supplies of PPE.

22. We had a Covid Health & Safety Inspection by an independent third party company which received favourable feedback.

23. We collect contact details for any external third party visitors who enter the premises, for example the confidential waste disposal person and we ask them to scan the QR code.